Finally...A Straight-Forward Way to Experience Fast, Effective Keto Results

Discover the Simple Solution To Achieving Optimal Fat Burning Results while making Keto EASIER!

The 3 Most Common Keto Frustrations

WARNING: Keto can get complicated quickly


It's Too Complicated

Yes, Keto can be challenging for beginners. The constant counting of macronutrients (carbs, fats, and protein) combined with the calculations often discourages people from experiencing the amazing fat burning power of keto.


The 'Stall'

While the first couple of weeks on keto usually results in a drop of (water) weight, the body then finds a set point and stays there.
This is called a ‘stall’ and can lead to people to lose faith and quit before they have a chance to truly experience keto’s excellent results.


Keeping Track

Simply put, people don’t know what to eat. Their old brands and recipes aren’t keto, and to make it trickier, Keto requires you track every morsel which goes into your mouth.
Unfortunately…this leads to people throwing in the towel and missing out on Keto’s awesome benefits.

But here's the great news…There's an EASIER way which makes the keto process far smoother!

Introducing Speed Keto™️

Speed Keto™️ is an easy-to-follow digital program which can instantly be accessed online through your computer, table or mobile phone. It downloads easily (you can also pick up a print copy at checkout).

Over 100,000 People Have Used Speed Keto With Great Results

Over 1.7 Million Followers Across Social Media

Over 40,000 Members in Our Closed Facebook Group

But what makes Speed Keto™️ unique?

3 Big Things that separate us from the rest
Speed Keto™️ Is Designed To Break The Patterns In The Metabolism
These are patterns which cause constant hunger and prevent them from success. It does this by combining delicious meals, intermittent fasting and OMAD (one meal a day) – a unique methodology which not only reduces hunger, but leads to many people experiencing a wonderful rise in their day-to-day energy level.
The Simplicity
No counting calories. No counting fat grams. No counting protein grams. No need to eat fat bombs at night to make sure you get your fats in. No need to check an app before you eat.
Fast Results
As mentioned above, many who attempt keto give up once they hit the stall. But Speed Keto breaks through that and gets results faster than other programs.

Get REAL results with Speed Keto™️ TODAY

Now... you might be asking, does the program really work?

Well, so far…Over 100,000 People Have Used Speed Keto™️ – many experiencing great results (and we’ve got a whole bunch of 5-star reviews and testimonials to back it up), Over 1.7 Million Are Following Us Across Social Media and…We’ve Hit Over 40,000 Members in Our Closed Facebook Group

Those are serious numbers for a seriously effective program.

With Speed Keto™️ you'll get:

This mighty tool is the heart of the program. A step-by-step guide which reveals my cutting-edge body transformation and health optimization methods.
Here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside:
  • How to "hack your metabolism" - make your metabolism work the way it was meant to, by burning stored energy (fat) to create a leaner, healthier body
  • A trick to break free from the 'rebound roller coaster' - it's no fun to achieve great results only to regress, we show the secret to keeping the lost weight away long-term
  • The little-known "Power Generator" which speeds up the fat-burning process (this baby's in all of us and works no matter your current weight or body type)
  • My delicious homemade 'snack' which satiates even the most primal hunger (Hint: It's the ultimate "comfort food")
  • Simple techniques to subdue cravings or relieve suffering from a lack of energy (the body keeps burning fat while you feel energized yet calm)
  • Which foods to eat (and just as important, which ones to avoid) - this includes a strategic meal plan which provides a great chance to achieve extraordinary results in the shortest possible time
*Speed Keto™️ comes in a convenient digital format which is emailed to you immediately after your purchase. You’ll even have the option of a handy paperback version during checkout.
This beginner-friendly guide shows:
  • How to get started with the Speed Keto program
  • How things work, how to get faster results, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Every tip and trick you need to keep your journey on the right track
*This is inspiring information which people have paid up to $150 to participate in a group call with me and a dozen other clients.
A simple 30-day calendar which:
  • You can print out and put on your fridge
  • Provides a practical way to eliminate all the guesswork (just a quick glance and you'll know what to do next)
  • Makes following the keto diet far easier by showing exactly what to eat, every single day
*In the past, people have paid me up to $300 to map out a 4-week calendar just like this one.
With the Speed Keto Shopping List you’ll get:
  • Done-for-you weekly shopping lists (a real time saver!)
  • No more wasting time reading labels or getting a headache figuring out what to buy
  • Just print the lists or download them to your mobile phone before heading out (you'll know exactly which affordable and delicious foods to buy for each day of the week!)

There’s More!

Bonuses Included Today

I’m going to make this a no-brainer deal that you’ll absolutely LOVE. So, because I want to make sure you get everything you need to succeed with Speed Keto™️ – today you’ll also receive:


($50 VALUE)

A round of Speed Keto usually means 1 thing…a rapid fat-burning experience. And the Speed Keto 2-Week Meal Plan is designed to keep the process going. It’s easy-to-follow, makes the transition a breeze, and helps ensure people continue to see the results they want.


($50 VALUE)

One of the goals of Speek Keto is to make things as easy as possible to follow. So I’ve hand-picked a selection of tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes. This means you’ll have in just minutes a table of healthy and delicious meals to enjoy every day of the week.


($50 VALUE)

Save time with these done-for-you weekly shopping lists. Forget about having to read labels or stressing over what to buy. Just print the lists or download them to your mobile phone to know exactly which affordable and delicious foods to buy for each day of the week.

Start Getting REAL results with Speed Keto™️


with NO monthly payments…and I’ll sweeten the deal even further by taking off all the risk.



Give the Speed Keto™️ program an honest try for 90 days and see the difference for yourself. Take before and after pictures, measure yourself and watch the positive results happen. If you’re not completely satisfied and loving your new body (after 3 full months of Speed Keto™️).

Just let me know and I’ll issue you a quick and friendly refund – No questions asked!

This is a one time charge. You won’t see any strange charges showing up on your bill. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and we have a toll free number 1-866-FOR-KETO so you can reach us if you need support.

Real People. Real Results.

Getting the results you’ve always wanted just got a lot easier.

Is Speed Keto™️ right for you?

Maybe, maybe not. Listen, I want to be totally upfront and say that as results focused, evidence supported, and easy-to-follow as my program is, it still requires a level of commitments and discipline on your part to make it work.
But that said, please take a moment to review these 3 factors to help you decide:
1) Speed Keto™️ puts people in control

First off, Speed Keto™️ is the real deal. Every element in my program is planned, tested and backed by documented results, 5-star ratings and gleaming testimonials we’ve received from 1000s of happy Speed Keto enthusiasts.

On top of that, forget having to live in a keto bubble where everything becomes a chore – my program is designed to work in real-world situations. You’ll be eating delicious, conveniently prepared meals which complement your life – not burden it.

2) Speed Keto™️ removes the guesswork

While other programs ditch you in the nutritional wilderness to figure things out, Speed Keto is a comprehensive done-for-you program. This means…

…there’s nothing to track…

…nothing to calculate…

…and nothing to figure out.

All you have to do is follow along with the 30-day program to see great results.

3) With Speed Keto™️, you’ll never be alone
I want you to succeed. So I’ve set up a live support team (866-FOR-KET0) who will answer any questions you might have along the way. Plus you’ll get lifetimes access to a massive Facebook group packed with the most passionate keto enthusiasts you’ll ever meet. These are people all around the world who are on this journey with you – many of whom are happy to share their friendly advice and encouragement.

Speed Keto is your personal guide to achieving a leaner, healthy body (and discovering a whole new level of energy)...and because it's summer and I want to help as many people as possible!

For the time being it's available for only $39!

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